Great Reasons To Finish Your Basement

There are many options for how to use a finished basement. Some ideas include creating a home gym, adding a game room, or installing a home theater. Depending on the space and the homeowner’s taste, the best uses for a finished basement can vary. Read on to learn more about the best ideas for your basement.

Designing a bar in a finished basement

Finished basements are great places to add a bar. There are many options for designing a basement bar, from the type of flooring to the design of the bar itself. You can create a lounge-style experience by installing large couches with side tables, or you can create a more lively club environment by installing high-top tables and an open floor plan for dancing. If you’re aiming for a hipster vibe, you can install stools and bar tables with wooden backs and chairs.

One of the most important pieces of bar decor is the dart board. A wooden dart board gives the space a classic look and can be coordinated with the color scheme of the walls. You can also consider using stone for the bar’s surround, which looks rustic but is not too dark or too light. A light-toned stone can blend in with the rest of the basement space and make the bar look luxurious.

Another option for a basement bar is to build a wet bar. These bars can be convenient and make cleaning up easier. However, a wet bar requires additional plumbing. For example, you can build the bar near the bathroom. The water will drain into the bathroom’s holding tank, which is located in the basement.

Adding a home gym

There are many factors to consider before adding a home gym to your basement. First, you’ll need to determine the useable space and the ceiling height. Exercise equipment needs approximately 30 square feet of space to operate properly. Freestanding weights, however, need less space.

Another factor to consider is lighting. You’ll need to make sure the space is bright enough to allow you to exercise. You can do this by using lights with a Kelvin rating in the 2000 to 6500K range. This type of light gives off cooler blue-white light, which is more effective for energizing people. You’ll also want to add some warm light to your gym space.

When choosing the right colors and materials, you’ll also want to consider what sort of decor you want to incorporate into the space. While freestanding lights can get in the way and be dangerous, recessed ones can be a great choice for your gym. You can also consider adding mirrored walls to brighten the space and make it feel larger.

Adding a game room

If you’d like to add a game room or play room to your finished basement, you have a few choices.

If the space is meant to be for small child, consider adding plenty of storage space for games, toys, etc. to be put away when not in use. There are several fun flooring options for young kids, from themed printed area rugs, to interlocking rubber tiles, either of which come in various bright and cheerful primary colors and provide a soft surface for kids to sit on lie down on, as well as injury protection in the event of a fall.

If the game room is going to be for the adults in the household,

Adding a home theater

Adding a home theater to a basement can be a great way to use unused space. Many older homes have unique basements that could be converted into a home theater. There are several basement home theater design ideas to choose from, and these can be built into nearly any room.

When building a home theater, make sure to consider the floor plan and layout. This will help you decide where you want to place the screen. It should be placed so that anyone in the room can view it. The room should be dark and cool, and it should be ventilated with a dehumidifier to reduce moisture. In addition, you should decorate the room with wall art and unique carpet prints to create an interesting and comfortable home theater.

Adding a home theater to a basement offers many advantages. It’s a great place to watch movies and entertain friends. Basements are often quiet and free of distractions, which makes them ideal for home theaters. You can add theater seating and a beverage refrigerator to create a comfortable atmosphere, and you can even install a projection screen to give you the perfect viewing experience.

Adding a bedroom

While there are some code requirements to meet, a finished basement can be used as an additional bedroom for older teens, in-laws, guests, etc. provided there are two means of egress in case of emergency. Emergency egress can be exterior doors, or some windows if they meet the required specifications to qualify as such.

The possibilities are endless

These are just a few ideas as to how to use your remodeled basement. If you are thinking about remodeling your basement in CT, give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation.

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